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Selecting Hats 


Picking a hat doesn't have specific rules!   

It really depends on the individual’s “hattitude,” and what they’re comfortable wearing. Our friendly and courteous staff will help guide you through the process of selecting the hat that fits your lifestyle or special event. Generally, we suggest the guidelines listed below. You can also view our YouTube video for more guidance. 




  • Average height (5’5” - 5’10”) and proportions: all styles and shapes

  • Short or petite (less than 5’5”): try a low or shallow crown, a sculpted crown or an up-swept brim. 

  • Full figured and tall: try a large hat with an unusual brim. 

  • Full figured and short: try a close fitting hat, with a small brim. 

  • Very tall and thin: you can experiment with many shapes. Height is definitely a plus when wearing hats. 



  • Round: try a tall crown to add length to your face. 

  • Oval: almost any brim is good. 

  • Long: try a wide or up-swept brim (no tall or narrow shapes). 

  • Triangular: try a short brim and high crown or something asymmetrical. 

  • Square: try an unusual brim or any crown.

Body Size & Shape! 

Basic Face Shapes!

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